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Before The Mother Goose Nanny Agency Kenya shortlists the names of candidates for matching with the employing family, the candidate Must have the following:

  1. Be at least 18 years of age
  2. Have passed The Nanny School exam and fulfilled all the necessary Practical and Attachment  training with Pass
  3. Have successfully completed the First Aid training and have a certificate from the Mid-Swift Kenya
  4. Have certificate of Good Conduct from the CID headquarters in Kiambu
  5. Have a medical records showing that she or he is fit to handle children without causing any health danger
  6. Hand in completely filled-in and signed Personal Profile Form (this form is offered by the Agency)
  7. Hand in any other information that is necessary to the agency for the purpose of employment 

A nanny is a trained child care-giver employed by parents to take care of their children either when the parent is not at home or can also work alongside with the parent.

A nanny work place is in a private home with children of not more than 14 years of age, but sometimes can be older. However, many parents employ nannies to take care of infants, toddlers and children not older than 10 years. Besides working from a private home, a nanny can also work with children in in various organizations such as the hospital nurseries, Sunday schools, children’s home, at companies who allow parents to bring their babies along, hotels taking care of guests’ children among other places.

The MAIN role of a nanny is to care for children entitled under her or his care. The nanny must be a child’s person who will love, nurture, have patient with children, understands children psychology and above all nurture the children just as the parent would do.

In a family setting or at place of work, a professional nanny must offer his or her skills to the benefit of the children in the family and to the convenience of the parents.

Our trained nannies are well qualified to ensure that their services treat each child as a unique individual and that the child’s physical, emotional, social and intellectual developmental needs are met. During the admission of students to nanny school, we make sure that each student is free with children, has love and affection for children and that will enable the nannies to handle children as professionals.

The Mother Goose Nanny Agency Kenya offers various types of nanny work groups. Our nannies will choose the group that they wish to work in for their convenience. The following are the types of nannies we have:

1.      Live-In nannies.

The nanny stays with the family throughout the contract time. The working hours starts from early morning and ends late in the evening depending with the work plan. However, we restrict on a 12 – 14 work hours for weekdays and for Saturday 6 – 8 hours. The nanny will get her off on Saturday afternoon from 2:00 P.M. up to Sunday 5.30 P.M. However, on mutual agreement, the nanny can work for the family during her free time either for free or have overtime pay.

2.      Live-Out nannies.

The nannies, just like any other worker, goes to work in the family in the morning until evening either when her work hours are over or when the family return depending on the contract. The maximum working hours of live-out nanny is 12 hours. Just as the live-in nanny, the live out nanny has one and half weekend off.

3.      Part-time nanny.

The part time nannies are of two types.

a)      Part time nanny with contract- the nannies works for the family for certain hours per day or on the days when the family needs the services. For example, the nanny can be employed to work on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays when both parents are away for job. Part time work can be for example, every day from 8:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M. when mother is away.

b)      Part time without contract- the family calls the agency to have a nanny working for them anytime a need be. Since there is no specific time the family want the nanny, there is no contract written. However, it is not guaranteed for the family, that they will get the same person for nanny service

4.      Night nanny.

Parents of infants or parents who have night work shifts may have a need to get a night working nanny to help them with taking care of their children or baby. Since it is hard to have a live in or live out nanny working for night, then the parents opt to get the night nanny. The night nanny, can either be full time, working every day at night or part time, working when need arises. For example, the parents may want to have their romantic time on a weekend away from home, they may ask for night nanny to check over their children while they are out for dinner.

5.      Au-pair nanny.

Unlike other types of nanny, the Au-pair nanny is unqualified child care giver because she or he is still a student in our nanny school. Au-pair nanny only lasts up to 6 months when the student has fully and successfully completed her Nanny course at The Mother Goose Nanny School Kenya. This program is there to benefit the nanny students who cannot get or afford accommodation during their school time. The students get families to work for when not in school and in return of working for the families, the students get accommodation, food and little pocket money.

The Mother Goose Nanny Agency Kenya will take you through in the Matching And Replacement process and as a nanny, you will be able to choose what is best for you so that you can have enough fun as you work as a professional and qualified child care giver.

13 thoughts on “Nanny programs

  1. I would like to recommend you for the good job you are doing,please can i join the training?how am i supposed to do it?are the nannies deployed only in Kenya? thanks for your concern and i would like to hear from you soon.

    1. thank you Wilkister for visiting our site and commending us for a good job. yes you can join training because it is open for all people. please call us on 0723412689 if you are in Kenya and if not add the code +254. for the time now, our nannies are deployed in kenya but we are having plans to connect them with families in other east africa countries and later to germany, but only for nannies less than 25 years of age.

  2. My name is Ruth ,am a Kenyan currently working as a Nanny in Jordan i have also worked in ksa and dubai i can drive but don’t have the international driving licensing i speak good English very hardworking and love kids,
    I will be finishing my contract here this month and would like u to please get me a job in u.s as a Nanny when i come home in kenya..please consider my request

  3. Hello,

    I need the services of a nanny effective Sunday 18th January 2015 for 4 weeks.

    Kindly send me the details as i would like to interview them by Friday 16th January 2015


  4. hey am mamda, from ug..I wanted to ask if one is far from kenya n you want to get the diploma in nanny course. .what to do ? please I wannah fly out n I have trained all stuff but I dont have a cert or their any way we can get intouch n talk/ assist me please..waiting for you respond as soon as possible..please!

    1. Helo Mamda, thank you for your inquiry. For Ugandans, it is very ok and possible to train with us and have a certificate. So far we have already 3 Ugandans who trained with us last year and now they are fully trained nannies, with certificates and working already. Please write to us through our email, and we will be able to answer your questions and also help you with the process of joining our school for the nanny course.

  5. How long does your training take? And maybe do you have any online courses for certificates and diploma’s?Please if you do have an online program then direct me to the site, and the fees i can only pay via western union.
    You are doing a great job and keep it up.

  6. Hi! iv just recieved a new help from upcountry and would not mind if she gets abit of training. How much do you charge for nanny/househelp training?

  7. I am a full time worker and need a live in nanny to care for my 2 kids.
    Can i have one to start as soon as possible?

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