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The Mother Goose Kenya is an organization that offers professional and quality child-care service in two main ways:

  • Daycare center  development, design, and management
  • Training of nannies  and leasing their services

The Mother Goose Kenya has three main bodies that offer different childcare services, namely;

  1. The Mother Goose Childcare Consultancy Kenya offers consulting services on child care/Daycare centers designing and development as well as on the improvement of childcare services in various childcare programs within the community and the county at large.
  2. The Mother Goose Nanny School Kenya offers students a distinguished curriculum that qualifies them to graduate either as Professional Nannies or Professional House-helps. Afterward, the nannies are placed to private homes as Live-in or Live-out nannies or house-helps.
  3. The Mother Goose Nanny Agency Kenya is a nanny placement that leases nanny services to various clients in need of nanny services.The Nanny Agency to matches-up families with our professional nannies and takes the two parties through the employment process.The Agency is also concerned with the Assessment process for students during their Attachment month with families before they graduate.  It is also the work of The Mother Goose Nanny Agency to supervise the nannies during their work at private homes and ensure that both parties; The Nanny and The family are in good terms and satisfied with one another.


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