Course Outline



1. Home care and laundry

·         Cleaning and arranging the bedroom, sitting room, kitchen, bathroom and compound

·         Cleaning and maintaining the house machines

·         Washing clothes manually and with washing machine, ironing and folding clothes

2. Cooking and nutrition.

·         Grocery and food storage

·         Cooking family meals

·         Baking

3. Hygiene and good grooming

·         Personal hygiene

·         Dress code

·         Preventing spread of germs and diseases

4. Professional house help

·         Duties of a house-help and how to handle oneself in a family

·         Home Management

·         Counselling and positive attitude towards house help job

·         Ethics, etiquette and social skills



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    1. Helo Bahati. If you want to train as a househelp, then total cost of training is Kshs 3500. you also need to have the Id, good conduct. Fill the request to train online. For nanny the cost fo training is Kshs 24000. requirements is have love for children, Kcse certificate and Id. Please check from this website on the page of Nanny school to get more information. thank you

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