Registration for House-help training

Training to become professional House-helps takes one week to complete. The training is held twice in a month; in every first and in the third week of the month and it takes place at The Mother Goose Nanny School Kenya, Ongata Rongai center.

The training starts on Monday Morning at 9 a.m. with the introduction to the course training of a professional house-help. The training ends on Saturday with a general exam which has questions from the entire week training topics. Daily classes begin at 8.30 a.m. and ends at 4 p.m. The certificate is given after the successful exam and full payment of all the fees.

Registration to the course occurs a week before the training starts. The following are needed for a trainee to take part in the One Week House-help training

  1. Admission fee of Kshs 1000 to be paid in full before training starts
  2. National ID and Good conduct (to be presented during admission)
  3. Training fee of Kshs 2500 to be paid before or after training
    (loan available for trainees in need)
  4. Certificate Kshs 500
  5. Workers Id Kshs 300
  6. Uniform Kshs 1200
  7. First Aid (optional) Kshs 2000

All money is paid either by LIPA NA MPESA to the TILL NO 326133 or in cash at any branch of The Mother Goose Kenya.

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