How much it costs to employ our Nannies and House-helps

We insist that before you employ a nanny or a house-help from The Mother Goose Kenya you interview and get to know the nanny or house-help.  After the interview, if you decide to take the nanny or house-help. You are given one month trial and afterwards the contract is fully in force. Within the first two weeks of the trial period, a parent should not dismiss the nanny or house-help.  Neither should the nanny leave his or her work. If the parent dismissed the nanny, then it will be assumed it was short term nanny services and each day rate will be KSHS 1000. On the same case, if the nanny decides to leave the job before the trial period, then no payment will be received for the worked days.

The Following are the minimum rates for our nannies and house-helps

  1. A professionally trained nanny working full time (working only for the children and the children errands, no housekeeping for the rest of the family)
    • Live in salary from  KSHS 11500 per month
    • Live out salary from KSHS 13000 per month


  2. House-helps working full time
    • Live in salary from KSHS 10000 per month
    • Live out salary from KSHS 11000 per month


  3. Part time working nannies or house-help
    • 8 am – 5 pm KSHS 1000 per day
    • Half day less than 5 hours KSHS 600 per day
    • Night nanny HSHS 800 per night

NB: NHIF and NSSF money is paid as according to the law and is not included in the worker’s salary given above. (Minimum of KSHS 700 per month)

The Following charges occur before hiring our nannies

  1. Interview commitment fee of KSHS 1000 paid before the day of interview.

    Commitment fee ensures the parent turns up for the interview without fail. It is paid before the scheduled interview. We will only give the interview date after receiving the money.  It is valid for the day and time the interview is planned to take place. The fee is non refundable

  2. Placement fee of KSHS 2000 paid after the interview and the parent agrees to employ the nanny or house-help.

    The placement fee is paid before the nanny or house-help begin to work. After a successful interview, the parent pays KSHS 2000 to have the nanny start working. With each new nanny or house-help placed with a family, the placement fee will be charged.

    The parent will not pay the Placement fee to get a second nanny or house-help if within the first month if the first nanny or house-help decides to leave without any good reason.

  3. Deposit for salary and agency fee. This is paid together with placement fee on the day the parent agrees to employ the nanny or house-help.

    The deposit for salary and agency fee of (in total) KSHS 6500 will be paid before the first working day of the nanny or house-help to ensure that the parent will not dismiss the worker before two weeks are over and fails to pay for the days worked. However, at the end of the employment the deposit will be refunded. All payments are done to The Mother Goose Kenya and there shall be no direct payments to the nanny or house-help.

  4. Agency fee KSHS 1500, paid every month

    We charge an agency fee of KSHS 1500 every month.

2 thoughts on “How much it costs to employ our Nannies and House-helps

  1. Afternoon,

    Hope this mail finds you well.

    I sent an email through Facebook and I’m not sure you received it.

    I have three children aged 15yrs, 13yrs and 6yrs and I’m expecting a baby in November. I have stayed with my nanny for 13years and she now 62years leaving for retirement.

    I would like someone who can clean the house, clothes , iron and stand in to watch the kids once the day help has left, she should be able to cook all meals with ease and good cooking at that.

    I mature lady 35years and above, who is patient, kind, respectful and organized.

    Let me know of you have anyone who can fit the above description.

    Kind Regards

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