Admission to the professional Nanny Course

The Mother Goose Nanny School Kenya

Admission requirements

  1. Registration fee                                       1,000 (Non-refundable)
  2. Student and working ID                           300
  3. Uniform fee 1 pair                                   1,200
  4. Caution fee                                                1,500 (Refundable during clearance)

             Total                                                           4,000

Other requirements before commencement of classes

  1. Good Conduct, (acquired from the CID headquarters Kiambu Road); fee 1,000
  2. First Aid certificate (caring for kids) either from St. Johns Ambulance or Medic Hospital; fee 2,000


  1. Tuition fee                                                 12,000
  2. Practical fee                                                3,000
  3. Attachment and assessment fee       4,000
  4. Exams and Certificate                            1,000

              Total fee                                                20,000

The fees can be payable as following

1st Month 2nd Month 3rd Month Attachment , 4th month
Admission fees 4,000 Tuition fee 4,000 Tuition fee 4,000 Assessment fee 4,000
Tuition fee 4,000 Practical fee 2,000 Practical fee 1,000
  Exam & certificate 1,000
Total   8,000 Total   6,000 Total   6,000 Total   4,000

NOTE: For needy students, the fees can be exempted and recovered back after the nanny graduates and is placed with a family. However, the student is expected to pay the admission fee 4,000 during admission day. However, this exemption in form of a student loan is not guaranteed to all.

Payment of registration fee should be made before the course starts.

There will be admission of new students every second month, since demand of professional nannies in the market is very high.

There will be a First Aid Training conducted by Medswift Ltd at our Langata center at the beginning of each course, so come with 2,000 for the training.

Please get the payments details from our office at Rongai center. Also contact us for more information. Thank you