Process of employing our nanny or house-help

The Mother Goose Kenya has the following processes which are followed when a parent contacts us when in need of a nanny or a house-help.  In the search and matching process, we would want to know what type of nanny or house-help you want, in terms of work experience, age, personality, religion and other traits that you consider important for your domestic work. Read through what is needed of you before you employee a domestic worker from us.

Employer Registration Form

Once you inform us that you would want a nanny or a house-help, you will be required to fill in the Employer Registration Form. This form will help us to understand the type of person that would work well and match with your requirements. The form will be sent to you per email and you will be required to fill it and send it back to us. The form can also be filled online from our website.

Nanny Search

Once we have received the Employer Registration Form, we will start to match with the information we have from the nannies or house-helps available. Once we get a person that matches the employer requirements, we will contact the parent regarding the profiles of nannies or house-helps that may be suitable for your needs.

The matching process might sometimes takes longer because we want to really give you the best person. Once we have the right candidate for you, we will contact you and ask you to approve the selection and if you are happy we will want you to give us the day you are available for interview. We will notify the nanny directly and provide them a description of the position.

Once you set the date for interview, you will be required to pay non-refundable interview commitment fee of KSHS 1000.

Interview Time

Once the fee has being paid the day and time of the interview will be fixed in favor of the parent. The interview is held at The Mother Goose Kenya center. However, interview can be held at the comfort of your house and we charge an additional KSHS 1500, which is paid before the scheduled interview day.

During the interview, the parent and the nanny or house-help will ask each other questions and get to know each other personally and to discuss the details of the employment. If the parent does not like the person, then the search will start all over again.

You Have Found The Perfect Nanny

Once you have found the perfect nanny or house-help, you will be required to pay the Placement fee of KSHS 2000 and a deposit for salary and agency fee of KSHS 6500.

Every month we charge an agency fee of KSHS 1500.


On the day of the interview, after the parent decides to employ the nanny or house-help, the specific employment contract will be required to be signed between the nanny or house-help and you the employer.


The Mother Goose Kenya will make follow up calls once in a while to ensure that everything is running smoothly. Please feel free to contact us anytime with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your nanny.

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Our mobile phone is +254723412689

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  1. Hi I requested for a nanny to do housework and tak care of my 7 ,4 n 1 yr kids. hand working clean n good with kids

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