Nanny Matching and Placement

The Mother Goose Nanny Agency Kenya is a Matching and Placement Agency, which receives all the nannies that have graduated from The Mother Goose Nanny School Kenya and shortlist them for matching and employment process.

The Mother Goose Nanny Agency Kenya
The Mother Goose Kenya

The Agency create nannies folders with their picture, name, age, body features, languages spoken, educational back ground, hobbies, religion and other features necessary for the matching up of the nanny to the families. The nanny profiles are placed either online or in office of The Mother Goose Nanny Agency Kenya where private homes individuals can go through them and find the best nanny who fits their need.

When the employing individual who in most cases are families with children, get a nanny who matches their expectation, will notify the Agency, of the interest to have the nanny.  The placement process starts by the two parties meeting in personal. At this stage, both parties can ask each other questions to understand each other better.

A contract will be signed in duplicate. One copy remains at The Mother Goose Kenya office, the second copy is for the employer and the third is for the nannies.

In the contract, the number of hours to work, the salary received, the off days and the holidays, expectations from the employee, duties of the nanny, are stated among other things.

After the signing of the contract letter, the employer and the nanny are  now in contract with each other and MUST respect the signed document. The Agency will be acting as a mediator between the private homes and the nannies to ensure that both parties are respecting the contract and for any disagreements, the agency is to solve the problem.

Therefore, with  The Mother Goose Nanny Agency the private homes can get professionally trained nannies and have less trouble of hiring and supervising the work of the nannies all for the advantage of their children who will enjoy quality care. at the same time, nannies can get well paying jobs with good working conditions for their nanny career.

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