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The Mother Goose Nanny Agency Kenya promises the private homes with the best nanny services in the entire country. Our success is based on the experience and qualification of the nannies and commitment of the agency to follow up on the nannies work performance.

Benefits of Hiring The Mother Goose Kenya Nanny

  • Your Children are with friends, NOT with strangers.
  • Our nannies professionally trained, therefore you child will be on the hand of the professionals and not just a nanny.
  • Our Nannies have the following qualifications including others:
    (Please visit the nanny course outline to understand all the units covered at The Mother Goose Nanny School Kenya.)

    1. Children’s Care Learning and Development
    2. Etiquette, promptness, courteous service
    3. Equality and Diversity
    4. First Aid Certificate
    5. Food Hygiene and Nutrition
    6. Good conduct certificate
    7. Handling children with additional needs
    8. Safe Guarding Children
  • Flexible nanny service to suit your need i.e. part-time, live-in, hourly paid nanny etc.
  • Free- replacement of a nanny if the former nanny cannot work anymore with the family because of various reasons.
  • Cover-up of your nanny when is on her off days, holiday or sick leave. You can choose to get a standby nanny or you can drop you child to The Mother Goose Babycare Kenya center.
  • All our nannies are neat, well-groomed and MUST wear uniform during the work hours.
  • The Mother Goose Agency Kenya supervise and follow up on the nannies at the private homes to ensure that they are doing their work right and are committed to their job. We drop in to houses where our nannies work without notice.
  • Nanny performs light housekeeping & laundry duties, but child care is most important duty of the nanny in your house.
  • We offer Attachment session for nannies where they work with private homes and during this period the family can learn the nanny and evaluate our nanny services and later decide if to take our nannies or not.
  • A lot less stress and work for you. You worry less on hunting and employing a professional nanny, doing all the paper work and supervising the nanny.
  • We supply the best nannies for the best families. YOU choose and get the nanny who will be influencing your child’s growth and development.
  • During the matching process, the family can meet several nannies in person and choose the right one for you.
  • You get personalized childcare that matches  your child’s needs and follows your instruction Consistent care all these in the comfort of your own home.
  • More quality time for yourself and to your family.

The Mother Goose Nanny Agency offers you all these benefits and more at affordable fee. For more information on this and more, feel free to contact us on 0723412689 or write to us an email to