Placement & Supervision

The Mother Goose Kenya places trained girls with suitable employers. Girls are employed as nannies, office cleaners or waiters in hotels. The girls earn the minimum wage or more and receive lifetime career advice and support.

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The Mother Goose Kenya ensures trained AGYWs are successfully placed in employment and employment contracts drawn. In addition, we ensure that all labour laws are observed, and we remit the employees’ salaries to Cooperative Bank of Kenya on a monthly basis.

The Mother Goose Nanny Agency keeps a detailed personal profile of trained nannies and house-helps. The profile which is similar to Curriculum Vitae for the trained girls is used for the job searching and job placement.

Our Job placement process ensures that the employer gets a worker that fit his/her needs and also that the workers get a decent job and with good working conditions.
The table below summarises the job placement process.


Step 1 – Profiles Receive the profiles of AGYWs who have successfully completed their training.
Step 2 – Online Inquiry Employers complete this online inquiry form. We receive the inquiry form with details of the employer’s requirements.
Step 3 – Profile matching. We match the employer’s requirements with the profiles of our graduate. Successful matching is critical to a successful and long working relationship with the domestic workers enjoying permanent work contracts with favourable conditions.
Step 4 – Interviews. We interview the potential employee and once satisfied we organize another interview to be conducted by the employer in the presence of our officer. During the interview, the parties get to know each other and talk about their expectations.
Step 5 – Contract Signing The signing of a Probation Contract is done following a successful interview. The employer and the employee agree to a work contract that meets Kenyan legal standards of labour. The Probation period is 3 months. The Work Contract is executed if both parties are satisfied and want to continue with the agreement after the probation period. During the probation period, we support the worker with advice and continuous mentorship.  If any issue arises, then we mediate to get a workable solution.


Benefits for AGYWs

  • Continuous support and mentorship to the women during their careers.
  • All AGYWs earn at least the government recommended minimum salary which is currently set at Kshs 12, 926.55 as contained in the Regulation of Wages (GENERAL) (AMENDMENT) Order, 2017. However, we always strive to push employers to pay more than the recommended minimum.
  • Good working conditions, without long working hours and a weekend day off plus yearly paid leave and sick leave.
  • Arbitration in the event of disputes.
  • Annual Best Worker Awards.
  • We also ensure young women trained and employed make a minimum monthly contribution of Ksh. 500 to the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF). This is affected through statutory deductions by ourselves. We ensured this is captured in the girls’ employment contract and reflected in their monthly pay slips. This way, the girls can access both inpatient and outpatient health services at Public health facilities.

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